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News : Animal Park Dipriz Open Day

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Exсursion Dipriz Park and Mir Castle

Animal Park Dipriz Open Day


Dipriz Animal Park invites you to Open Day, which will be held on May 4, 2023 at 12:00. This is an ideal opportunity to get to know the park better, see different animals and stock up on energy for a long time!

Dipriz is not just a zoo, it is a unique open-air zoolandscape park that combines: an exposition with animals of more than 50 species, a park area with recreation areas, as well as rooms recreation and entertainment. Do you want to experience this atmosphere? Then you definitely need to visit the holiday.


  • excursion with a guide in the location "Fairy Light";
  • buffet presentation of the history of the Dipriz Animal Park;
  • Walk around the Forest Secrets location.

Dipriz Animal Park is an ideal place for an ecological holiday with the whole family!

You can also visit the park as part of the excursion Dipriz Park and Mirsky castle, leave application here.

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