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News : Feast of Ivan Kupala in the National Park «Pripyatsky»

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Exсursion Safari in Pripyat Polissya

Feast of Ivan Kupala in the National Park «Pripyatsky»


National Park «Pripyatsky» invites you to visit Ivan Kupala's holiday, which will be held on the territory of the IKK «Open Air Museum» on July 8, 2023 at six o'clock in the evening.

Kupalye is one of the oldest folk holidays dedicated to the sun and the flourishing of the earth. The magical rites and rituals of Kupala originated in pagan times.

    Waiting for you:

  • performances by the Spasovka Ensemble and the Pripyatsky Ensemble;
  • theatrical performance;
  • master classes in museum houses;
  • children's attractions;
  • photozone;
  • folk songs, dances, round dances;
  • search for «flower paparazzi»;
  • rite of putting wreaths on the water;
  • Kupala bonfire;
  • disco and fireworks.

On the territory of the museum there will be shopping arcades, where you can not only have a delicious meal, but also buy meat and fish delicacies, and souvenirs. Take a river trip on a motor ship, motor boats along the floods of Pripyat.

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