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News : Excursion «The Lord of the Rings!» in the National Park «Pripyatsky»

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Exсursion Safari in Pripyat Polissya

Excursion «The Lord of the Rings!» in the National Park «Pripyatsky»


National Park «Pripyatsky» invites you on July 22, 2023 on an exciting journey into the world of birds, wildlife and archeology. The brightest ornithological excursion of this summer will take place this weekend!.

Birdwatching is one of the fascinating and impressive things to do. A rich program awaits you:

  • observation with binoculars and a spyglass for the most colorful bird in Belarus – the golden bee-eater.
  • observation of the black stork's nest and its inhabitants;
  • meet other birds of the National Park;
  • participation in bird ringing with ornithologists in the field camp;
  • releasing birds after ringing;
  • a walk along the Polesie «Maldives» – sand dunes;
  • search for archaeological artifacts of the Neolithic period;
  • swimming in a beautiful oxbow lake among white water lilies;
  • photo hunting on marsh turtles;
  • ferry crossing the Pripyat in Doroshevichi;
  • travel through floodplain oak forests and meadows.

You will not only learn the secrets of Belarusian nature, but also see its most beautiful corners. In addition to the excursion itself, you can walk along the old lake and swim in it, make a ferry crossing in Doroshevichy, and also chat with professional ornithologists!

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