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News : The magic of Harry Potter at Animal Park «Deeprise»

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The magic of Harry Potter at Animal Park «Deeprise»


Animal Park «Deeprise» will be filled with the magic of Harry Potter November 4, 2023. Everyone will be able to meet their favorite wizards and feel the magic of Hogwarts.

Location «Fairy Tale World» will plunge into the world of magic and wizardry for a day, and will also welcome everyone who wants to meet their favorite wizards.


  • 13:00 – you will be greeted by the smartest sorceress – Hermione Granger. There will be a lot of games, dancing, magical secrets and active flash mobs;
  • 14:00 – the sorceress will give power to the patronus rabbits, which anyone can feed;
  • 15:00 – everyone will break the piñata together and learn its deepest secrets;
  • 16:00 – plunge into the cozy atmosphere of an autumn evening and watch the film «Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone».

Don’t miss the opportunity to go on a magical journey to Animal Park «Deeprise».

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