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News : New Year\'s fairy tale «On the other side of the mirror» in the animal park «Diprise»

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Exсursion Dipriz Park and Mir Castle

New Year's fairy tale «On the other side of the mirror» in the animal park «Diprise»


Animal park «Diprise» invites everyone to the New Year's fabulous adventure «Beyond the Mirror», which will take place from December 22, 2023 to January 7, 2024. Everyone will discover this amazing world where dreams become reality and magic envelops every corner!

During the New Year period, the fairy tale will come to life and you will not be able to help but believe in the miracle.

    Waiting for you:

  • postman Pechki will be happy to send your letter with warm congratulations to your loved ones;
  • Maleficent will turn out to be a good sorceress and show the way to the hero of the holiday - Santa Claus;
  • in the magical houses they will tell you what awaits you in 2024, and Fiona and Hermione will treat you to aromatic bitter tea;
  • and be careful, the grumpy Grinch may throw candy at you!
  • Byaka Babulyaka will find a magic mirror and suddenly find herself in its power, and Snow Maiden, Hare and Bear must will conduct an investigation that will help solve this mysterious incident;
  • New Year's carnival with a majestic beautiful Christmas tree, cheerful round dances, gifts from Father Frost and Snow Maiden, joyful New Year's entertainment and incredible transformations.

Don’t miss the opportunity to go on a magical journey to animal park «Diprise» .

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