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News : Gastronomic festival in the National Park «Pripyatsky»

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Exсursion Safari in Pripyat Polissya

Gastronomic festival in the National Park «Pripyatsky»


National Park «Pripyatsky» invites everyone to visit the most delicious gastronomic festival on February 17, 2024!

The highlight of the national park is the hunting and fishing cuisine, which includes a wide variety of dishes from home-caught game.

    Guests will enjoy a tasting:

  • dishes of national Belarusian cuisine;
  • game dishes;
  • fish dishes.

Festival guests will also be able to purchase their own products and take home delicious gifts!

Don't miss the opportunity to visit the gastronomic festival and have a lot of fun as part of the excursion Turov – Lyaskovichy, you can send a request here.