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News : Celebration «Seeing the Snow Maiden» in Belovezhskaya Pushcha

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Exсursion Brest fortress - Belovezhskaya puscha

Celebration «Seeing the Snow Maiden» in Belovezhskaya Pushcha


National Park «Belovezhskaya Pushcha» invites everyone to the festive celebration «Seeing the Snow Maiden», which will be held February 17, 2024!

Traditionally, The Snow Maiden will leave Father Frost's Estate and will go to the South Pole very soon, don't miss the opportunity to spend it!

    In the program:

  • ceremonial farewell to the Snow Maiden;
  • fairytale excursions to the Estate of the Belarusian Father Frost;
  • contests and games;
  • songs and round dances;
  • exhibitions and sales;
  • master classes “City of Masters.”

Visit National Park possible as part of the excursion Belovezhskaya Pushcha, you can leave a request for which you can here.