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News : Excursion «Mysterious Middle Ages» in the museum complex «Dukorsky Maentak»

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Exсursion Dukorа estate

Excursion «Mysterious Middle Ages» in the museum complex «Dukorsky Maentak»


Museum complex «Dukorsky Maentak» invites you to visit the incredible excursion «The Mysterious Middle Ages», which will take place February 24 and 25, 2024!

An interesting and rich program awaits guests of the complex:

  • 12.00: acquaintance with the Belarusian batleyka, the medieval plot “Dukorski Tsmok”;
  • 12.15: excursion to the ancient settlement of the 10th–12th centuries: how it was built and who lived in it;
  • 12.45: martial arts: armor, weapons, duels and archery trials;
  • 12.00: the history of a medieval fairy tale: delicacies of ancient dishes by the fire and mysterious stories;
  • 12.00: musical culture of the Middle Ages: what they played and how they danced.

This is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with history and the intricacies of its development, medieval culinary masterpieces and much more!

You can visit the «Mysterious Middle Ages» excursion As part of the excursion «Dukorsky Maentak», send an application for which you can now.