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News : Folk holiday «Saraki» in «Strochitsy»

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Exсursion Strochitsy

Folk holiday «Saraki» in «Strochitsy»


Internet portal Ekskursii.by and Museum of Folk Architecture and everyday life «Strochitsy» invites April 6, 2024 to the national holiday «Saraki». Join traditional rituals and fun games in an open-air museum!

«Saraki» is a holiday in the folk calendar that falls on the second day of the spring equinox. Perhaps it was «Saraki» that was the most ancient holiday of the New Year, which has been preserved in Belarusian culture in our time.
«Saraki» concentrated almost all the characteristic features of spring rituals - motives of the beginning of the year, the cult of ancestors, as well as cleansing and protective magic.
The main symbol of the holiday is the lark birds, which, according to the ideas of our ancestors, bring us the spring sun.

You can visit the event «Saraki» as part of the tour «Strochitsy», send an application for which you can already now.