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News : International Kupala Festival «Holy Sun» in Dudutki

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Exсursion Dudutki

International Kupala Festival «Holy Sun» in Dudutki


Excursion portal Ekskursii.by invites you to the festival «Holy Sun» in «Dudutki»! This year the traditional festival will take place June 22-23, 2024. Outdoor festivities, animation show, traditional games and fun, a concert - join the many entertainments and unbridled fun!

Traditionally, this year the organizers will pay special attention to the open-air concert, the fire theater festival, as well as a detailed reconstruction of the ancient Kupala traditions and rituals!

During the two days of the festival will be:

  • Fire and pyrotechnics festival;
  • Open-air concert featuring ethnic/folk/folk-rock/folk-metal bands, as well as related styles;
  • Ethnic sites, photo zones, art objects on the Kupala theme;
  • Great craft fair (traditional crafts);
  • Interactive locations and sports areas;
  • Ceremonial and entertainment blocks throughout the festival

You can visit the festival «Holy Sun» as part of the tour «Dudutki», send an application for which you can already now.

Location: Minsk region, Pukhovichi district, Ptich village, Museum complex of ancient folk crafts and technologies «Dudutki»
Time: June 22-23, 2024

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