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10 reasons to visit Minsk region

The most visited city in Belarus is the capital of our republic - Minsk city. And this is due not only to the fact that this is the capital, - in Minsk thereis really a lot to see. The city is rich in historical monuments, beautiful buildings of different eras, modern shopping centers and places for recreation. However, to know our country, You should go beyond the ring road.

Minsk region is full of intriguing places, surprising for its scope and fascinating stories. Among them are castle complexes, farmstead of famous families of Belarus, natural attractions and much more. And in order to make the choice easier, we present 10 reasons to visit Minsk region, which will help you get closer to the life of the Belarusians.

  • Reason №1
    Minsk city and its main attractions

  • Reason №2
    To visit a world heritage site by UNESCO - Nesvizh Palace

  • Reason №3
    To touch the history of the Great Patriotic War

  • Reason №4
    To see how Belarusians lived before

  • Reason №5
    To visit a real ski resort

  • Reason №6
    To see the only upside down house in Belarus

  • Reason №7
    To visit town of smugglers and casino

  • Reason №8
    To learn the unique nature of the Narochansky National Park

  • Reason №9
    To visit the majestic temples

  • Reason №10
    To take a ride on a giant dump truck

Minsk region give the opportunity for every tourist to enjoy all sides of the life of the Belarusians, to touch the unique nature and try yourself in different roles. Wide choice of areas, a variety of activities can satisfy the desires of even the most demanding tourist.
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