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Belarusian nastoikas and balms

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Belarusian nastoikas and balms

Belarusian nastoikas and balmsare traditional strong alcoholic drinks based on extracts of healing herbs, buds of trees, berry drinks, spices, honey.

The most famous Belarusian spirits:

  • zubrovka – with healing herb from «Belovezhskaya Pushcha» national park;
  • «Belovezhskaya» and «Belovezhskaya Pushcha» nastoikas;
  • balms containing infusions of herbs, berries and fruits (Belarusian, Charodei, Polesie)
You can taste the dishes of the national Belarusian cuisine during one of the excursions organized by «Automated tourism technologies» travel company, joining a group excursion or ordering an individual excursion for your family, friends, colleagues.

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