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Church of holy trinity in volnovsk

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Type: Churches Style: Rococo Date of Foundation: 1768 year Status: Republican value Volno, Brest region

Village Volno "Holy Trinity Church"

In written sources this place was first mentioned as a village Volno in the middle of XVI century. In the middle of the XVII century Basilian monastery was erected in the village Volno. On its territory a hospital for the elderly was opened, and a school for children of nobles Kaminski where they were taught not only reading and writing, but also the basics of philosophy. The village Volno is 150 years belonged to Kaminsky.
In the second half of the XVIII century nobles Domyslovskie bought Volno. The new church which was consecrated in honor of the Holy Trinity was built in 1768. There was a school, where he studied art, architect and sculptor Rafal Slug.
Volno is famous for unique church, Holy Trinity Church. Trinity Church (1768) is a monument of architecture "Vilnius Baroque". The church is built of brick. It is a three-nave two-tower basilica. Since 1895 it converted to the Orthodox Church. There is an icon of the 18th century "Saint Nicholas".
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Address Volno, Brest region GPS Google: 53.296074′ N, 26.233125′ E