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Bakery-confectionery company «Domochay»

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Type: Industrial buildings Date of Foundation: 1927 year Status: Factories and plants Republic of Belarus, 212022 Mogilyov, Cosmonavtov str., 39a

Bakery company «Domochay» begins its history back in 1927, when the Mogilev bakery was formed. Since 1972, the Mogilev Regional Production Association of the baking industry was established. And in 2001, the association was renamed the Republican Unitary Production Enterprise «Mogilevkhlebprom». Since January 27, 2014 during the reorganization of RUPP «Mogilevkhlebprom» renamed to JSC «Bakery-confectionery company «Domochay».

JSC «Bakery-confectionery company «Domochay» is the largest producer of bakery and confectionery products in the Mogilev region. The company specializes in the production of a wide range of bakery and confectionery products, including dietary and fortified products. Confectionery products are represented by gingerbread, oatmeal cookies, sugar, flour and sugar sweets, cakes, pastries.

During the excursion you will learn how many types of bakery products there are, how they differ among themselves, you will see the process of making bread from kneading dough to packaging, you can taste hot bread, and, of course, get tasty and healthy gifts from the company «Domochay».

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Photo - Bakery-confectionery company «Domochay»

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Address Republic of Belarus, 212022 Mogilyov, Cosmonavtov str., 39a GPS Google: 53.900239′ N, 30.295631′ E