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Palace «Batorievka»

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Type: Palaces Style: Renaissance Date of Foundation: 19 century Status: Republican value Belarus, Grodno, street Marksa, 1

Batorievka - a monument of Italian Renaissance architecture, was built by order of the Stefan Batory Foundation in the 2nd floor. The XVIth century.

In 1579 Stefan Batory arrived in Grodno for the first time - there was held a meeting of the Senate, to discuss the contribution of the Commonwealth in the Livonian War. King so liked the city that he decided to turn it into a private capital. He built a church in the most prominent place of the market square. Here it was built the palace, which is now called Batorievka. The palace was a two-story building with high windows. Large room was on the second floor.

Presumably this building Batory carried Grodno diets of Poland, and received ambassadors. Here, 15.12.1586, on the third day after the death of Batory, to settle the dispute the court physicians Simoni and Buchella the cause of death of the King, Barber J. Zigulits opened and embalmed his body. Later the building was used as a royal residence, but the beginning. The XVIIIth century. It has been known as the Palace of Sapega. In 1832 the building was rebuilt. After a fire in 1885 the appearance and layout Batorievka were again significantly changed, it was also the bulk of the three-story. In the early XXth century. In the central building was a hotel and a private gymnasium of K. Barkowskaya. At present, there is normal anatomy department of Grodno State Medical University.

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Address Belarus, Grodno, street Marksa, 1 GPS Google: 53.677823′ N, 23.831072′ E