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Spaso-Preobrazhensky church in Zaslavl

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Type: Churches Style: Renaissance Date of Foundation: 17 century Status: The international value Minsk district, Zaslavl

Spaso-Preobrazhensky church - a monument of architecture of the Renaissance of the end to XVI - the beginnings of the XVII centuries. It was under construction Nikolay Glebovich in the territory of the Zaslavl castle in an environment of shaft as Calvinist temple. It was the temple of defensive type with massive walls, loopholes, powerful tower belltower.

Construction looked strictly and severely, but in the XVIII century it reconstructed and considerably softened its architectural shape. From West side of church the high 35-meter tower with six adjoins circles of loopholes, in the basis square, in the subsequent circles - octahedral. In it conduct 2 entrances - northern and southern, Northern it was used only in solemn occasions. In the temple there was a family tomb of owners cities. It settled down in two crypts under an altar part.

Interior of church is modest and simple. Walls and vaulted ceilings never undersigned.

As Calvinist temple the temple was closed by p align in the XVII century, in the sixties XIX century the building was turned into orthodox church.

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Address Minsk district, Zaslavl GPS Google: 54.007718′ N, 27.291559′ E