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Monument to Kirill of Turov

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Type: Monuments Date of Foundation: 1993 year Status: Regional value Republic of Belarus, Gomel region, Zhitkovichi district, Turov, Castle hill

Kirill of Turov (1113 - after 1190 years.) – Belarusian and Eastern Slavic religious leader theologian and writer. In 1123 was tonsured. From 1161 - Bishop of Turov. Cyril of Turov ctive in preaching, political and literary activities. He became famous as a master orator prose . Author of sermons, prayers, sermons, parables, canons (preserved about 70 pieces ).

Original, with exceptional figurative and representational power of talent Kirill of Turov most clearly manifested in the «Words» on the occasion of different festivals. It works through traditional biblical content manifest admiration for the beauty of nature, the joy of life, the pursuit of spiritual perfection.

Sophisticated Church Slavonic language, combined with the living word of the people, indicates a high level of education, outstanding literary skill and daring author. Works of Cyril of Turov were popular up to the XIX century.

In 1984 outstanding educator included Belarusian Saints Cathedral. April 28 (May 11, New Style) is the day of his memory.

Monument to Kirill of Turov set May 11, 1993 at Castle Hill to Pripyat River. Author - sculptor M. Inkov, Architect N. Lukyanchik. Base composition of the monument - cross unusual Byzantine forms. With the cross connected figure Kirill of Turov, he comes forward, raising his head. The arms are bent at the chest, the left - a book with cross on the cover, a gesture directed at the right book. Around the head - halo. On the right, next to the book, inscription "Saint Kirill Bishop of Turov." The height of the monument - 7 meters. It is made in the technique punch (concrete, clad).

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Address Republic of Belarus, Gomel region, Zhitkovichi district, Turov, Castle hill GPS Google: 52.07391′ N, 27.722825′ E