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St. Mihail church in Synkovichi

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Type: Churches Style: Gothic style Date of Foundation: 16 century Status: Included or offered for inclusion in the list of a world heritage of UNESCO Republic of Belarus, Grodno region, Zelva district, Synkovichi

Fortified church in Synkovichi - a monument of defensive architecture of the end of the beginning of XV-XVI centuries. Has signs of Belarusian Gothic. Represents a three-nave stone temple three-apse hall type. In the corners there are 4 battle towers with spiral staircases inside.

Church - the oldest temple of the type of defense on the territory of Belarus. Legend has it that Church in Synkovichi Grand Duke Vytautas founded in gratitude for the fact that in the local woods, he escaped from his pursuers Jagiello. However, modern art and architectural historians agree that the temple was built at the beginning of the XVI century perhaps at the expense of the Lithuanian Grand Hetman of Constantine of Ostrog, Fundator like Trinity and Prechistenskaya churches in Vilnius.

In 1926 the church became a branch of the Jesuit novitiate of the mission at the Albertina (Slonim) and the center grekokatolicheskogo parish. Re-opened as the Orthodox in 1988-90.

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Address Republic of Belarus, Grodno region, Zelva district, Synkovichi GPS Google: 53.123071′ N, 25.1568′ E