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Basilian monastery in Berezveche

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Type: Monasteries, Pilgrimage places Style: Baroque Date of Foundation: 1756 - 1763 yy Status: Republican value Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk region, Glubokoe, Berezveche suburb

Berezveche - a suburb of Glubokoe, is included within the city limits in the XX century. The monastery was founded by Joseph Korsak, he donated his estate Uniates Berezveche, where during his father L. Korsak was built Orthodox church. In 1643 year, Joseph Korsak died, and in the same year the estate was established male Basilian monastery.

In 1756 - 1763 years on the site of the old wooden buildings of Basilian the means of the late Korsak built a stone convent with the church, which at the first stage constructed by the architect Johann Christoph Glaubits. He was subsequently replaced by the architect Ian Didershteyn Cracow. In the 60s years of XVIII century architectural complex finally formed, which included a church with a winter chapel, a residential two-storey building, outbuildings and garden.

Basilian monastery decline began in 1839 year, after the Cathedral of Polotsk, united with the Orthodox Uniate. Orthodox monastery existed in Berezveche thirty-two years (1842 - 1874 years). Then, at the beginning of the XX century, it was replaced by a female Orthodox monastery at the school 35 pupils. In 1919 year the Orthodox Church has moved to the Catholics, and has been featured as a church in the name of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, and the monastery has been adapted to accommodate the regiments of the Polish Border Guard.

Сhurch, damaged during World War II, in 1970 year, was blown up. Today in the building of the complex of the former Basilic monastery is a correctional colony.

In 2004, the synod of the Belarusian Orthodox Church decided to revive the Berezvechsky Convent in honor of the Archangel Michael in Glubokoye. In the same year, seven sisters with Abbess Anfisa from the Polotsk Savior-Euphrosyne monastery arrived in Berezvechye. In 2006, a temple was built in honor of St. Tikhon, where the nuns of the Berezweic monastery are now praying.

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Address Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk region, Glubokoe, Berezveche suburb GPS Google: 55.164582′ N, 27.67306′ E