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Tne settlement Zamechek

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Type: Archaeological monuments Date of Foundation: 11 century Status: Regional value Zaslavl

Settlement «Zamechek» - the ruins of a fortified settlement on the southwestern outskirts of Zaslavl. The fortress was built in the last quarter of the X century by order of Vladimir Svyatoslavovich as an outpost of north-western borders of his empire.

At the top of the hill, which rises to 24 m above the marshy floodplain of the river Chernitsa, was erected a circular shaft, carrying a carcass on the defensive wall with a parapet and roof. The defensive wall with a fighting platforms allow archers to circular firing. Approaches to the outer slopes of the fortress was blocked by dry moat and tilted toward the enemy”s stockade, defended the entrance to the site gate-tower. The correct geometry of fortifications was optimal for existing at the time of capture and defense tactics.

The inner court settlement were placed in two rows of frame buildings, in which the combatants were living with their families. Satisfy the needs of seaside outpost for trade, industrial Svisloch Posad. With 985 strength is the very chronicle Izyaslavl associated with the legend of princess Rogneda.

As a fortress «Zamechek» functioned until the end of the XI century. Then the fortified center Izyaslavl moved to shore of Svisloch.

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Address Zaslavl GPS Google: 53.99574′ N, 27.27862′ E