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Railway station in Gomel

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Type: Bus, railway and mail station Date of Foundation: 1 century Status: Regional value Gomel, Privokzalnaya sq., 3

Railway station building appeared in 1890. Originally it was a one-story, painted in green. He had all the attributes of the destination premises - from the comfortable chairs in the waiting room to the restaurant. In addition, in the waiting room had wooden benches and a stage where musicians performed submission Symphony Orchestra. The station square was paved with cobblestones. In the early XX century the area taken out two streets - Train station (Kiseleva) and Castle (Lenin Avenue). Near the railway station building clinic. Not far away was the Church of the Assumption, built at the turn of the past two centuries. Today, in its place - palace of culture of railwaymen. As in our days with him are a taxi, so a hundred years ago there were on duty cab drivers waiting for passengers.

Close to the street you could see the Castle retail shops, where they sold small edibles. There, thanks to the active sales booming bakery, owned by Turks. On the opposite side of the square, you can relax in bars. Building erected near the suburban railway station, platforms which were wooden. In 1920, his assignment changed and began to twist it films.

There is no such times to station square was empty. It was always full of people - from passengers to stray artists. Gypsies sang and danced, and the Chinese do tricks and showed dexterity. Boys pestered passers requests to purchase some small change, and cabbies scared people with loud cries of "watch out!". But at night the buzz subsided, and reigned almost complete silence.

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Address Gomel, Privokzalnaya sq., 3 GPS Google: 52.430753′ N, 30.991155′ E