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Zamkovaya gora - gorodische of Mstislavl

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Type: Archaeological monuments Status: Regional value Mstislavl

Mountain Zamkovaya - center of ancient Mstislavl. In XII - here was XIV centuries an equal platform on which the initial city center took place. The platform of a site of ancient settlement in height more than 20 m except shaft on perimeter has been strengthened by ring shaft. The lock-fortress which has entitled mountain - Zamkovaja here settled down. On a shaft wooden towers, entrance brama. The input in the lock passed through the wooden drawbridge thrown through a ditch. In the center the octagonal tower-donzhon constructed in the end of XV - towered XVI centuries. In the lock were the prince and a princely team. Lengthways houses of inhabitants stood close circle, On south side the wooden church has been constructed, in the center there was a princely the house.

During Rech Pospolitaya war with the Moscow princedom (1654 - 1667) Mstislavl has appeared on an edge of military operations. A city capture as boundary fortress was considered as one of paramount problems in the offensive actions of Russian armies. On July, 18th, 1654 Russian armies under command Prince A.Trubetskoy, Pozharsky and Dolgorukov have approached to Mstislavl, but have met persistent resistance of defenders. Four days the besieged city kept, Undertaking desperate sorties towards to the enemy... Russian army has burned a city, the lock, all population cut out almost. This bloody event has become history as ”Trubetsky slaughter”.

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Address Mstislavl GPS Google: 54.025028′ N, 31.727546′ E