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Church of Trinity in Chernovchicy

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Type: Katolik churches Style: Gothic style Date of Foundation: 1583 year Status: Republican value Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Brest district, Chernavchitsy village

Chernavchitsa it is the village in the Brest district of the Brest region of Belarus. Is a part of the Chernavchitsky Village Council. It is located in 18 kilometers to the north of Brest.

Possessionin 1487. passes to a sort Ilyinichey of the coat of arms Korchak- to one of the oldest in Belarus. Chernavchitsa were the main residence of the big yard Ilyinichy.
Yury Ilyinich had no successors. Together with the World, Béla and Zelva it bequeaths Chernavchitsa to the cousin Nikolay Krishtof Radzivill Sirotke.

Radzivillahave organized the Chernavchitsky county including about 40 villages.
In Chernavchitsakh Radzivill Sirotkahas constructed a majestic church St. Trinities, which has perfectly remained and is acting and on nowadays.
Owners Chernavchits were Stanislav Albrecht Radzivill, Alexander Ludvig Radzivill, Mikhail Kazimir Rybonka and Hrabove.
At the moment Chernavchitsa it is the agrotown, the center of Chernavchitsky village council, lovely corner for rest.

In Chernavchitsakh one of the oldest has remained monuments of the Belarusian stone architecture —Troitsk church, constructed in 1583.

The temple is located in the center of the village on a highway Brest break — Kamenets. Together with level belfry forms a high-rise dominant in low building of the settlement. The composition of a belfry reminds composition of a defensive castle tower of Nesvizha, constructed also at the end of XVI in.

Temple odnonefny beskupolny. Art expressiveness is reached the considerable volume of the building, large-scale forms with small use architectural details. The apse and side facades aren't deprived of influence gothic styles, that it is traced in massive walls with buttresses and the narrow extended windows. Abrupt and the high shchiptsovy roof is also peculiar to constructive methods of Gothic architecture.

Rectangular and round niches —panels, thin eaves and vertical drafts the main facade, the interior arch decorated by sculptural figured drafts ribs, characteristic signs in style of the Renaissance. Belarus has remained only single constructions of this kind.

Feature of composition of the temple — the round tower on the southern side facade having lines of architecture of defensive type. Similar towers meet also in others monuments of the Belarusian architectureXV—XVII вв.It is possible to assume that introduction in church composition in Chernavchitsakh of such tower is direct influence local and the architectural and construction receptions which have become traditional.

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Address Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Brest district, Chernavchitsy village GPS Google: 52.134′ N, 23.4428′ E