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Mound of Immortality of A. Mitskevich

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Type: Objects of culture, Monuments Date of Foundation: 1924 - 1931 yy Status: The international value Republic of Belarus, Gomel region, Novogrudok, Zamkovaya str.

There is an unusual mound near Castle Hill in Novogrudok. Once it was built in honor of A. Mitskevich - the great Belarusian poet, born in Novogrudok. The hill was named the Mound of Immortality of the writer.

The mound was founded on 27th May, 1924. The act with the approvement of building, written on parchment, was placed in a tin box and concreted at the foot of future monument. The first handful of earth was thrown by Professor Stanislaw Wojciechowski - the Head of the Mitskevichsky Committee to the place of building. Then residents of Novogrudok, Lithuania and Poland threw some earth to the place. Since that time the mound had been growing in Novogrudok. For seven years compatriots of A. Mitskevich and admirers of his talent had been brinning some earth from their homeland to Novogrudok. Who could not come, sent it by post: «Novogrudok. The earth for immortalize of the memory of Adam Mickiewicz». The mound was growing. June of 1830 was declared as «Days of A. Mitskevich». Later the local authorities announced that the construction works would be finished soon. Many tourists were rushing to Novogrudok - everyone wanted to take part in the construction of the mound. Some families still have a memorable pin of the event that got every participant. On 28th June, 1931 after a church service in Farny Catholic church, where A. Mitskevich was christened, the monument was ceremonially given to the city.

Since then it became a tradition to hold annual festivals in Novogrudok dedicated to A. Mickiewicz. Among the local residents there is a legend: these days the poet”s soul leaves Wawel located in Cracow and comes to Novogrudok to admire beauty of Belarus lands from the Mound of Immortality reveal all text

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Address Republic of Belarus, Gomel region, Novogrudok, Zamkovaya str. GPS Google: 53.600964′ N, 25.825911′ E