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The Settlement of the ancient Berestie

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Type: Archaeological monuments Date of Foundation: 14 century Status: Regional value Brest, Brest Fortress

The fortified town Berestye was founded at the end of X century at the mouth of the river at its confluence Mukhavets in the Western Bug.

Historical Chronicle reported that the Kiev Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavovych conquered in 983 Lithuanian Yatvingians tribe that inhabited the area between the Niemen and Narev, founded lock to secure new lands.

 «The Hypation Chronicle» (1019) reported Berestye as large, well-fortified city at the turn of Russian and Polish lands.

In the «Tale of Bygone Years», the city is mentioned in connection with the battle of the Prince Yaroslav, the prince Svyatopolk.

It is believed that the name comes from the local rock elm - bark.

The Settlement of the ancient Berestie was discovered in 1968 on the territory of Volyn strengthening of the fortress. With the help of archaeological excavations in 1969 discovered the remains of 17 dwellings and farm buildings, plank bridges, and various household items.

In 1971 the old fort Berestie the first time was preserved in the field in the Soviet Union. At the beginning of 1982 the archaeological museum «Beresteyskaya mound» is opened under a huge glass dome .

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Photo - The Settlement of the ancient Berestie

Location map - The Settlement of the ancient Berestie

Address Brest, Brest Fortress GPS Google: 52.079978′ N, 23.654743′ E