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Slutsk cheese-making plant

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Type: Industrial buildings Date of Foundation: 1978 year Status: Factories and plants Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Slutsk, Tatarinova str., 14

JSC «Slutsk cheese-making plant» - is one of the main enterprises of Minsk region for the production of cheese products. The plant produced whole milk products, butter, dry milk products, but the main focus of activity are different varieties of cheeses: rennet, solid, semi-hard, soft, processed, smoked, cheese. There are produced various types of cheese products, mayonnaise, casein, etc. All the products Slutsk plant is made of natural and environmentally friendly raw materials.

The development of the dairy industry in Slutsk started construction in 1932 and commissioning in May 1935 creamery. However, May 25, 1943 an underground group, acting on the plant, it was burned. In July 1944, work began on the reconstruction of the plant, and the first products have already been released in September. In 1954 came into operation an ice cream shop in 1956 - Kefir department, in 1961 - a boiler factory in 1965 - a workshop for production of milk sugar, in 1966 - the compressor and smetanotvorozhny shop. By the 70 th year of the available power we have not been able to process the volume of incoming raw materials in the area. This is what has necessitated the construction of a new plant. Construction of a new plant in Slutsk began in April 1978.
Acting Creamery has been transformed into an industrial site cheese plant. In November 1982, put into operation the second phase of the plant.

In July 1986, I conducted a regional review competition-quality cheeses and butter. Slutsk taken in this review of the second place and was awarded a cash prize. In 1987 the plant was provided with all the necessary material resources: raw materials, heat and electricity, cleaning disinfectants, packaging, auxiliary materials. In 1995, June 26 Slutsk cheese-making plant was renamed to Open Joint Stock Company "Slutsk cheese-making plant". The main governing body was the general meeting of shareholders, which the Supervisory Board was created.

In the second half of 2006, the modernization of a cheese shop. Installed a new «Damrow» brand production line for hard cheeses capacity of 300 tons per day for milk. In the period of 2007-2008. of the JSC «Slutsk cheese-making plant» includes Uzdensky City Dairy Plant, Starodorozhski Creamery, Pukhovichi City Dairy Plant, the SEC "the Sign". They were transformed in Uzda, Starodorozhski, Pukhovichi production sites and agricultural branch of the Slutsk cheese-making plant, respectively. In 2012 Slutsk cheese-making plant and the continued consolidation of the companies included Soligorsk GMZ, Luban IGC, gnocchi Ministry of Health in conjunction with the production site and Nesvizh SEC "Kletsk" Kapyl IGC as branches. The number of plant based production sites and branches became more than 3,500 people.

Past transformation led to the need to create a new strong brand. So brand «Complimilk» was born in 2013.

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Photo - Slutsk cheese-making plant

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Address Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Slutsk, Tatarinova str., 14 GPS Google: 53.005537′ N, 27.512991′ E