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Ancient settlement of the Iron Age

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Type: Archaeological monuments Date of Foundation: 4 century Status: Regional value Baranovichi district, Gorodische

Ancient settlement of the Iron Age is located 0.8 kilometers west of the village Gorodische, in the tract Gorodok, on the bank of the river Servech.

The elongated hill, surrounded by a moat, is a monument of archeology of early feudal era. Construction date II-IV, Updates XI-XIII. Some researchers believe that this is where the legendary Voruta - chronicle the city Mindaugas. Castle Voruta Mindaugas is the place of rest, the first prince of Lithuania.

Maybe it's true hill fortifications, moat, preserved entrance gate and found once during the excavations of pottery shards left Litvins?

One of the first Voruta placed near the site of ancient settlement known Soviet Historian Vladimir Pashuto putting the question card. Academician doubt, because of Lithuania "Aukštaitija" to "novogorodsk" was very far away. Many opponents of this theory, a lot and defenders. Recent bring more arguments "for": not so far away from the river flows Servech Ruth, and Rutka village is in the Novogrudok land. And suddenly from them, and gave the name Voruta - "walking in the Root"? At the very same river are modern Ruta Korelichi (Grodno region), which also has a fort ...

Page of this interesting story is not yet unfinished, it is not complete. Maybe, Ever hill in urban village Mound open their secret and resolved One of the most fascinating mysteries of Belarusian history.

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Location map - Ancient settlement of the Iron Age

Address Baranovichi district, Gorodische GPS Google: 53.32325′ N, 25.987858′ E