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Commune House

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Type: The square and urban development Date of Foundation: 1921 - 1931 yy Status: Republican value Gomel, Lenin str., 51
House commune - a monument of architecture of the first half of the XX century, built in the years 1921-1931 for employees wagon factory. Architect C. Shabunevsky. The first storey of the object, one of the first in Belarus houses of this type. U-shaped in plan brick building located along «red line» Prospect, takes along a quarter. Facades devoid of decor. On 2-6th floor apartment situated along the corridor cells that have 2-3 rooms and a kitchen-niche. On each floor envisaged rest rooms, shared kitchens, bathrooms and bottoms. 1st floor of the project was for the common areas of all the inhabitants of the house (dining room, reading room, nursery, etc.).

During the German occupation of Gomel Soviet patriots in honor of the 25th anniversary of the Great October Revolution, hoisted over the house - the highest pre-war building in the city - red flag. During the war, the building was destroyed, the restoration of a 1946 - 1949's. was based on a previous planning structure. reveal all text

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Address Gomel, Lenin str., 51 GPS Google: 52.43048′ N, 30.99631′ E