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Walicki”s Palace (Palace of the vice-administrator)

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Type: Palaces Style: Classicism Date of Foundation: 1 century Status: Republican value The Republic of Belarus, Grodno, Gorkogo str., 2

Historical and architectural monument of the XVIII century. Deputy Administrator Palace (palace Walicki, ”Bishop”s House,” until recently - the building of Medical University) was designed by architect IM Mezer for the complex of buildings on Gorodnitsa in the 1765-1772 years. However, the implementation of the project and, possibly, its modifications, was carried out by architect J. Sacco. Originally the palace was a three-storey building with two one-story wings, and the palace was decorated with a triangular pediment with moldings, and a high hipped roof was covered with tiles, as well as the side wings. The main building was intended for housing, and the side wings - a business service. In the south-west and west of the building was designed in a regular park.

But the project dragged on, for example, in 1780 the main building there was no floor, stoves, doors and the side wings were not built.

The whole complex was completed only in 1793 and in the same year, presented the last king Stanislaw August Poniatowski podskarbiyu Dzekonskomu Anton, who in turn sold it to M. Walicki no earlier than 1798 years in 1798-1858 in the northern wing housed the ”vozovnya ”(Karetnaya) and, obviously, housing for the servants. Purpose of the southern wing - ”kitchen and service.”

In 1858 the whole complex was purchased by Reverend Ignatius, bishop of Brest, vicar of the diocese of Vilnius of Lithuania and to accommodate the spiritual consistory, housing for the priests and the bishop”s residence. It was at this time in the south wing of the house church was organized, and most importantly, three-story building is an architectural ensemble has become known as ”Bishops” House.” In subsequent years, there lived distinguished hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Macarius (Bulgakov), the bishops: Nicanor (Kamensky), Joachim (Levitsky), Jerome (Ekzemplyarsky), Michael (Ermakov) and others.

The complex is almost unchanged (except for cosmetic repairs) stood until 1934, when it was repaired the roof - roof tiles replaced with a white tin. Presumably we can conclude that the appointment of the wings and did not change - as long as the whole complex of Bishops monastery was confiscated by the state government in 1952.

North wing, in spite of the unfavorable operating conditions border guard, has retained all the features of the architecture of the late XVIIIth century. reveal all text

Photo - Walicki”s Palace (Palace of the vice-administrator)

Location map - Walicki”s Palace (Palace of the vice-administrator)

Address The Republic of Belarus, Grodno, Gorkogo str., 2 GPS Google: 53.684964′ N, 23.830404′ E