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Slonim fort - castle site

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Type: Archaeological monuments Date of Foundation: 15 century Status: Regional value Republic of Belarus, Grodno region, Slonim

Slonim ancient castle site (original settlement) is in the Grodno region, Slonim. Here, in the 12th century was Slonim wooden castle, from the 16th to the 18th century it was the residence of the Slonim elders. In this part of the historic center Slonim was remained channel length of 1 km and Austeria (coaching house), part of the architectural and landscape complex M.K.Oginskogo.
Slonim (Uslon, Vslonim) was mentioned in the Ipatiev Chronicle under 1252 g. But the settlement was founded two centuries erlier. This is evidenced castle site, which is located in the center of the modern city. The historical center is located on the left bank of the river Shchara. In the seventeenth century there was a wooden castle town warden Chancellor Leo Sapieha, but later on this place the great Lithuanian hetman Michal Kazimir Oginski built a beautiful palace theater, typography, riding school, conservatory, outbuildings, pond and garden. Unfortunately, to this day preserved only Austeria (coaching house, 2nd half ХVIIІ.).

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Location map - Slonim fort - castle site

Address Republic of Belarus, Grodno region, Slonim