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Fragments of the manor and park complex Golynka

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Type: Palaces, Parks, squares Date of Foundation: 1 century Status: Regional value Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Kletsk district, v. Golynka

Manor in the village Golynko was formed in the XVIII century on the river Nacha in baroque forms. It is a hereditary possession Wendorf. On a female line it has passed to Lozinsky who owned a manor till 1939.

Lines of baroque were especially expressively showed in a lay-out of manor park. The park small, is planned in the form of the terraces strewed by yellow sand. Trees and bushes were formed. The terrace slope to the river has been planned in the form of several levels. Levels were crossed by the radial, symmetrically located paths. From other (right) party of manor in a natural file the difficult labyrinth reflecting love to riddles and sacraments has been arranged.

In 1802 Vendorfy built the new house of a larch in style of classicism. The main facade looked to the west.

In the beginning of 1800th years a chapel, a distillery, a barn-loft, a barn were built. Reconstruction of old park was simultaneously conducted.Gradually the park accepts landscape lines with motives of romanticism. In it there were memorable stones, the inscription on one said ”1802. This garden is put by Stanislav and Eve Wendorfs”.

The park is lost. On base ruins young birches and willows grow. Reservoirs are lowered for a long time. On ruins of the bases it is possible to establish an arrangement of constructions of manor. Traces hasn”t remained from the known two-storeyed building called by ”Imbarom”. The ground floor served as a warehouse of the spirits, the second - a hall where dances were arranged during the big receptions.

In a manor Eve Felinsky, the known Polish writer, the memoirist has spent the childhood. Being far from the native land, she warmly remembered cozy Golynka.

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Location map - Fragments of the manor and park complex Golynka

Address Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Kletsk district, v. Golynka GPS Google: 52.887334′ N, 26.551239′ E