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Castle Pischali

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Type: Locks, fortresses, strengthenings Date of Foundation: 1822 - 1825 yy Status: Republican value Minsk

Pischalovsky Castle - an architectural monument of the early stage of Gothic. Built in 1822-25 years the landowner”s musket as the city residence of the provincial architect on the project on the outskirts of Minsk Chekhov Romanovskaya Sloboda. Through few years the building was purchased by the owner and put into jail for a well established name ”Pischalovsky Castle.” Three-story brick building, rectangular in plan with four round towers at the corners, covered with a hipped roof. Surrounded by a stone wall, strengthened by buttresses.

For the 2nd half of XIX century used as a prison. It served time associates K. Kalinowski, many Belarusian poets, public and cultural figures: poets Kaganets Karus, Ales Garun, Yakub Kolas, the playwright Vincent Dunin-Marcinkiewicz . It was executed by the revolutionary Pulihov, who tried to kill the governor of Minsk Kurlov, the culprit shot rally of workers in October 1905 year

During its existence, Minsk jail being completed, extended, however, in general, has retained its original Gothic dominant volume.

Minsk jail today - pre-trial detention center Ministry of Internal Affairs - one of the few buildings in the city, which for almost its entire history was used exactly as prescribed. And guests always had in prison. Escapes from this prison was for many decades.

In the modern Belarusian historiography, by the way, happens all the confusion about the lock musket - in some sources he is called only the architect who built this building, and in several books - the owner. One way or another, but that”s the name of the man immortalized this architectural structure, known until now as Pischalovsky castle. Many even consider it one of the finest architectural masterpieces of Minsk. So well-known writer P. Shpilevsky in his fascinating description of the trip to Belarus openly admired the ”white stone, with beautiful round towers” Pischalovskim lock.

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Address Minsk GPS Google: 53.898877′ N, 27.5481′ E