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Glassworks «Neman»

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Type: Industrial buildings Date of Foundation: 1883 year Status: Republican value Republic of Belarus, Grodno region, Lida district, Beryozovka, Korzyuk str. 8

Glassworks «Neman» is located in the city of Berezovka in Grodno region. The whole history of these places is closely connected with the development of glass production.

Berezovka was established in the late XIX century around the glass workshops - gut. The first workshop was opened in 1875 in the village Ustran Borki. 8 years later a glass workshop started functioning in Berezovka.

On 19th September, 1883 a local landowner Zenon Lenskiy applied the district administration in Lida for permission to build a glass factory in Zaenchitsy. But later the construction works were started in the forest near Staraya guta. Two years later the plant launched the production of beer bottles, and the total annual income of the company was about 2000 rubles.

In 1887 Wilhelm Krayevskiy, an engineer of Dyadkovskiy Glassworks, and Julius Stole, a head of art studio, leased the glassworks. They expanded the production line. The plant got a 10-power locomobile. It began to produce lamp glass, apothecary and household dishes and also began to manufacture crystal. Soon the skilled craftsmen from Poland arrived here. Later a plant”s kiln was rebuilt and also the manual press for glass production was fitted there. A grinding machine was installed in the factory.

In 1895 the glass workshop Novaya guta was established just 4 km from Staraya guta. There was installed modern equipment. Little by little the glass production was developing. The glassworks purchased new furnaces, increased their list of products. Glassworks «Neman» began to produce: dinner sets, wine glasses, cups and saucers, pitchers, vases, sugar bowls, salt shakers, butterdishes, mustard pots, plates, candle holders, toiletry bottles - about 1828 samples of products. In 1909 a narrow-gauge railway was built to the glassworks «Neman» in order to sell goods around the country.

During the First and Second World War the plant was badly damaged but it was restored later.

Today glassworks «Neman» produces over 600 products using modern technologies and materials. Glass products, manufactured in Belarus, are exported to different countries of the world: Russia, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, France, USA, Canada, Kazakhstan and etc.

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Address Republic of Belarus, Grodno region, Lida district, Beryozovka, Korzyuk str. 8 GPS Google: 53.718184′ N, 25.506392′ E