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Cemetery Borisoglebskaya

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Type: Archaeological monuments, Cemeteries, burial places, chapels Date of Foundation: 1 century Status: Without a category Republic of Belarus, Gomel region, Zhitkovichi district, Turov

Boris and Gleb cemetery is located on the banks Jazdy, a small river with a vague muddy coast, 300 meters from Turov, on a small hill, surrounded on all sides by a swamp. The island was considered sacred since very old times, apparently, even before the arrival of the first Christians. Now on the island it is only an abandoned cemetery among the dense thickets of lilacs.

All Saints Church is located in the cemetery. In the church, you can see the stone crosses from the right side, which are a symbol of faith and subject of cult worship for Christians. Tradition persistently attributed their origin to the period of the Christianization of the Turov region.

Turov crosses were made of stone in the XII century. They revealed in Turov and the surrounding villages such as Veresnitsa, Pogost, Pererov, Hlupin, Strozhevtsyi and others.

According to the legend, Turov crosses sailed down the Dnieper and Pripyat from Kiev after the tragedy over there the Christians. Crosses like themselves sailed up the river Pripyat and then were erected among the fields in the south-western part of the Turov.

People have long called these crosses "bare." In total, there were more than ten crosses in height from 1 to 2 m and a width of 0.6-0.7 m . The most famous is Turov or Holy Cross , which stood in the cemetery in the village Pogost on the banks of the Pripyat River. At the moment the cross is kept in the Gomel regional museum. There are also two crosses with Turov Boris and Gleb cemetery.

There is a version that the cross, growing today from the land on Boris and Gleb cemetery, is one of three crosses, which, according to legend, sailed in stages on the Dnieper and Pripyat from Kiev immediately after the baptism of Rus.

In the old days people worship the cross sailed with all of Pripyat. It was thought that these crosses miraculous, healing the sick. Special a lot of people going to the stone cross on a Christian holiday, which is called the Exaltation of. Locals hung on tape crosses, lamps, covered their handkerchiefs, donated to the foot of the cross coins, meat, fish, birds, and went to him a religious procession. reveal all text

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Address Republic of Belarus, Gomel region, Zhitkovichi district, Turov GPS Google: 52.069966′ N, 27.71726′ E