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Piarskii collegium in Schuchin

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Type: Objects of culture, The square and urban development Date of Foundation: 19 century Status: Without a category Republic of Belarus, Grodno region, Schuchin

In 1718 the owner Schuchin Jerzy Glebitsky, invited the monks of the Order of the Catholic piyarov. They are located at parafialnom church and opened a school. In 1726, the Diet has confirmed the foundation in sucinam piyarov Collegium, which was attached to parafialnomu's Church St. Heart of Jesus and St. Teresa. The school held two farm, garden, vegetable garden. Until 1735 piyarskaya community prepared for 170 students of philosophy.

Study in the Collegium was free. But to do it was only possible after the end of primary school, which existed at the church. She was a three-class and also belonged piyaram. For education in the primary school was needed to pay, so the peasant children were not there. Collegium was designed for 140 students. Officially Shchuchin Collegium considered the high school. But in terms of training, recruitment of teachers and the book fund - it was virtually University.

Students and graduates of the Collegium actively participated in the uprising of 1830-1831. The authorities, who are already suspicious of the Catholic schools used an excuse to close Shchuchyn piyarskogo Collegium. Re-education institution was opened only 95 years later, in 1927.<.p>

With the advent of Soviet power in 1939 Shuchinsk land, church and the Order had been abolished. Today Shchuchyn operates piyarsky Order, partly preserved building of the former school piyarskoy.

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Location map - Piarskii collegium in Schuchin

Address Republic of Belarus, Grodno region, Schuchin GPS Google: 53.606209′ N, 24.741465′ E