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National Park «Belovezhskaya puscha»

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Type: Natural monuments Date of Foundation: 1409 year Status: Included or offered for inclusion in the list of a world heritage of UNESCO Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Kamenec district, v. Kamenyuki

National park «Belovezhskaya puscha» - one of the largest tourist centers of Belarus. Here come tourists from every corner of the globe. In park territory there are: nature museum, open-air cages with animals, comfortable hotels and guest small houses, restaurant, athletic fields and many other objects of infrastructure. To make visiting of national park «Belovezhskaya puscha» unforgettable, there are special tourist routes (the pedestrian, horse, automobile).

«Belovezhskaya puscha» – one of the oldest reserves in the world. Its history totals not one century. Officially it is considered, the national park «Belovezhskaia dense forest» was established in 1409.

As the old virgin forest, Belovezhskaya puscha is mentioned in Ipatevsky annals of 983 year. In 1992 State the national park «Belovezhskaya puscha» was included by UNESCO decision in the List of the World heritage of mankind.

The Animal population of Belovezhskaya puscha is numerous and is various. In the list of fauna of the Belovezhsky dense forest there are 59 kinds of mammals, 227 kinds of birds, 7 kinds of reptiles, 11 kinds of amphibious, 24 kinds of fishes and more than 11 000 invertebrate animals are. The largest population of bisons lives in the world. The largest representatives of rodents in more are the beaver and the squirrel. In Belovezhskaya puscha is 11 kinds amphibious. In dense forest reservoirs thre are 24 kinds of fishes. The pike, small fry, a tench, a ruff, a gudgeon, a perch are most numerous from them. Meets язь, the bream, the rudd and others less often. Individual meetings are registered an eel and a catfish. The unique representative of a class круглоротых here — a river lamprey.

Nature museum in Belovezhskaya puscha - one of the most visited on Brestchine. It has accepted the first visitors in far 1963. In a museum there are 7 thematic halls in which are more than thousand exhibits.

At the entering doors of the museum the tourists are met by a dense forest symbol – a bison. In ground floor halls it is possible to see hoofed animals (a deer, a wild boar, the roe, an elk), and also predators (a wolf, a lynx, a fox, a marten, a badger, a raccoon dog).

Next to the nature Museum there are open-air cages with animals. They occupy about 20 hectares of territory. There it is possible to see principal views of the animals living in Belovezhsky more: a lynx, Fox, the roe, a red deer, a bison, an elk, a wolf, a wild wild boar, and also Raccoon dog and a spotty deer. It is possible to treat with a bread slice, an apple or the broken branch of the bisons who have got used to visitors, elks, wild boars, a bear.

In 2003 in territory of national park the Belarus Ded Moroz residence was opened. It is located in the heart of a dense forest in an environment of reserved wood. The residence includes directly Ded Moroz estate with a throne-room and an office on the ground floor, a bedroom and a balcony — on the second. Nearby there is also ”Skarbnitsa” - storehouse of gifts, letters, drawings, photos and the hand-made articles sent by children to Ded Moroz which even has an own museum where olden time subjects are collected. In residence territory grows, as declare in national park, the highest in Europe a forty-meter natural fur-tree, which 120 years. For New year it is the main sight of residence.

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Photo - National Park «Belovezhskaya puscha»

Location map - National Park «Belovezhskaya puscha»

Address Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Kamenec district, v. Kamenyuki GPS Google: 52.57009′ N, 23.802896′ E