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Tour All of Belarus (7 days)

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Route: MinskPtychMinskLoshanyMinskMirNesvizhMinskBrestKamenyuki Belovezhskaya puschaMinskLogoiskSmolevichiMinsk
Duration: 7 days
Kind: Bus-Walking tours
Language of training: Russian

For 7 days you can visit the capital of Belarus - the hero-city Minsk, the Dudutki museum complex, the historical and cultural complex "Stalin's Line", Mir and Nesvizh castles, the memorial complex Brest Hero Fortress and Belovezhskaya puscha, memorial Khatyn and majestic Kurgan of Glory.

The excursion program

The cost of the tour All of Belarus (7 days) for individual and corporate groups

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The cost of the tour 2-78-1920-5253-68
The cost for the group 64'823 87'315 129'874 146'907 Order
Price for 1 person in the group from 9'260 from 4'596 from 2'498 from 2'161

Included in the price

  • excursions according to the program
  • meeting/seeing off at the train station
  • tasting
  • certified guide services
  • transport services

Additional charge

  • accommodation
  • lunch
  • entrance tickets

The excursion program- All of Belarus (7 days)

  • 1day
  • Gathering the group
    08:00 Gathering the group at the railway station Minsk
  • Breakfast
    08:30 Breakfast
  • Excursion
    Excursion 10:00 tour Minsk city tour

    During the excursion Minsk will open before you the person: wide avenues and cozy streets, a variety of architectural complexes and parks. For the long story of existence the city was repeatedly destroyed, burned, but every time it revived and built up. And today Minsk is a modern European megalopolis with the multimillion population. He develops and becomes promptly more beautiful, combining greatness of heritage of old times and an innovatorsky thought of the present.

  • Check in
    13:30 Check in
  • Free time
    14:00 Free time
  • 2day
  • Breakfast
    08:00 Breakfast
  • Excursion
    Excursion 10:00 tour Dudutki

    Past and present , measured life of vintage nobles estate XIX century and convenience of the modern tourist center occur in Dudutki. Here you will get to know the culture of nobles court, the work of the artists, culinary heritage of our ancestors, charming nature, surprising fauna. All artifacts can be touched and tasted.

  • Free time
    15:00 Free time
  • 3day
  • Breakfast
    08:00 Breakfast
  • Excursion
    Excursion 12:30 tour Stalin Line
    The Stalin Line Historical and Cultural Complex is one of the most ambitious fortification ensembles in Belarus. It is intended not only to perpetuate the grandiose system of defensive fortifications of the districts of Stalin’s Line, but also to become a symbol of the heroic struggle of the Soviet people against the Nazi invaders.
  • Free time
    17:00 Free time
  • 4day
  • Breakfast
    08:00 Breakfast
  • Excursion
    Excursion 09:00 tour Mir Castle - Nesvizh Palace

    Mir and Nesvizh. Behind these names breath of centuries. Here the history not of one family or the city was written – the history of outstanding people and the great states was written. You visit the most beautiful castles of Belarus - 2 of 4 objects of UNESCO. You learn subtleties of perfect fortification systems and will pass across halls which still remember grand dukes and kings. You learn about secrets and intrigues, about legends and legends among avenues of shady parks.

  • Free time
    21:00 Free time
  • 5day
  • Breakfast
    08:00 Breakfast
  • Free time
    10:00 Free time
    For an additional fee visit of two shopping centers and the Komarovsky market can be organized. In shopping centers of the capital it is possible to buy both goods of the European brands, and goods of the Belarusian production which showed themselves in the world market from the best party for a long time. In the capital it is possible not only to make successful purchases for himself, but also to get excellent gifts and souvenirs to friends and relatives.
  • 6day
  • Early Breakfast
    06:00 Early Breakfast
  • Excursion
    Excursion 06:40 tour Brest fortress - Belovezhskaya puscha

    You go to the very south of Belarus, where you will find a city with a thousand-year history - Brest. Chronicle Berestye - the only city where to this day on the street every evening you can meet a lantern. Here, in Brest, the greatness of courage and the memory of the first day of the Great Patriotic War is kept by the «Brest Fortress-Hero». Further the road leads to where the secrets of the reserved forest are discovered and the powerful bison live - to Belovezhskaya Pushcha. It is the oldest reserve in Europe and a unique natural treasure.

  • Free time
    23:30 Free time
  • 7day
  • Breakfast
    08:00 Breakfast
  • Check out
    09:30 Check out
  • Excursion
    Excursion 10:00 tour Khatyn - The Mound of Glory

    We prepared for you a travel in the historical places storing heavy pages of military history of our country. In different corners of Belarus which lost every third inhabitant in 1941-1945 fortification constructions are restored, symbolical memorial complexes are created, the monuments devoted to events of the most tragic and bloody war on the Belarusian lands are established. You visit two memorial complexes: Khatyn and The Mound of Glory.

  • Transfer to the railway station
    15:00 Transfer to the railway station
  • The end of the tour

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