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Zamkovaya hill

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Type: Natural monuments Status: Regional value Braslav

Zamkovaya hill (Castle Hill) is an ancient settlement, located in the heart of Braslav, on the isthmus between lakes Drivyaty and Novyata. It is one of the biggest in Belarus. It is a hill of 14 meters in height with a flat top and a rather steep.
It was here that annalistic Bryachislav city arose in VIII-IX centuries. In the Middle Ages a wooden castle was built there. It served as a reference for the border fortifications of the Polotsk principality during the reign of Prince Bryachislav. Later documented mention of the castle was in 1514, and the most complete description can be found in the Braslav Inventory of 1649. Over time, the defensive purpose of the castle faded, the city began to develop outside the Zamkovaya hill. To our days the castle was not preserved. Today, the entrance to the Zamkovaya hill is framed by a symbolic stockade with a sign.

On a hilltop in the center of the area there is a granite stone with the emblem of the city and a bronze commemorative plaque.
A little further on a pedestal You can see the white obelisk - monument to the famous doctor Stanislav Narbut, who liked to be at this place. He was the most respected man in Braslav. Stanislav Narbut (1853-1926) was a prominent physician and public figure, who at his own expense built in Braslav a public hospital. It is visible at the foot of the hill. Now there is a female Orthodox monastery.

Also, attention is drawn to the sculpture, reminiscent of pagan idols. They are placed there not by accident - a pagan temple once housed on this hill. The sculptures carved from oak symbolize characters of the legend of the origin of the name of Braslav and lakes. Legend tells, that long ago rich and mighty prince Dvin lived in the castle. He had a wife Druyka and a daughter Driva. With age Dvin thought about who transfer their ownership. The only daughter Driva, proud and willful, rejected all the suitors who came to the castle hoping to become her chosen one. In the vicinity of the castle there were three young princes, three brothers - Bras, Snud and Nov. They are most aggressively courted the beauty. Driva has promised her hand and heart to the brother who will kill others. Bras has no equal in strength and courage, so Snud and Nov decided to kill the opponent. Late at night conspirators ambushed brother and killed him. But Snud and Nov remembered the condition of Princess: only one must come to Driva. Again the swords rattled. Mortally wounding each other, the two brothers died. At dawn, it became clear that the brothers did not kill Bras, but his servant. Bras came to the castle to Driva, but condemned its cruelty and rejected her love. The proud Princess could not stand failure and ran into the water of a large lake from a castle tower. The old parents did not survive the loss. Bras began to rule the city. The reign of the prince was long and fair, but he has lived all his life alone. Gradually the town grew up around the castle, named after Prince Bras - Braslov. Next to the Zamkovaya hill there is a lake Drivyaty, from which the river Druyka carries water to the Western Dvina. The names of the lakes Novyaty and Snudy preserved the memory of other heroes of legend.

Zamkovaya Hill offers beautiful views of peacefully coexisting Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary and the Church of the Assumption of Mary, the historic city center, the lakes Novyaty and Drivyaty.

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