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Confectionary ”Kommunarka”

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Type: Industrial buildings Date of Foundation: 1905 year Status: Regional value The Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Minsk, Trostenets Street, 3

History Factory «Kommunarka» began Ja. 11, 1905 when the Minsk city government for the first time received a trade certificate "Coffee with confectionery products, bakery confections George Vikentievich Raczkowski." And already in 1910, the coffee shop was renamed "sweet shop and bakery shop" George Vikentievich Raczkowski.

However, the store did not last long: the First World War and confectionery was closed. And just after the Civil War, in 1926, the purpose of employment of the unemployed on the basis of the former enterprise, Minsk Labour Exchange created trudokollektiv pastry called "the first Belarusian confectionery factory". But in 1929 the decision was made in honor of the 12th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution rename the company in Minsk confectionary factory "Kommunarka".

May 1, 1930 the factory was put into operation, and May 3 began operating myagkoshokoladny shop, and a few months and caramel. And in 1935, the factory has achieved initial success: the developed technologies candy factory "Belarusian potato" and "Kommunarka" were included in the first reference standardized recipes of confectionery in the Soviet Union.

With each subsequent year, the company's specialists began to emphasize the development of new formulations of confectionery. It was then that have produced some of the best varieties of chocolates and chocolate. Subsequently, "Chocolate bottle", "Roasted nuts peanut", "Souffle", "Capital", "Alenka", "Little Red Riding Hood" is rightly considered a classic steel.

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Address The Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Minsk, Trostenets Street, 3 GPS Google: 53.885862′ N, 27.577882′ E