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Minsk Synagogue

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Type: Synagogues, Pilgrimage places Date of Foundation: 21 century Status: Without a category Minsk, Kropotkina st. 22

The Minsk Synagogue is located on the site of the old Jewish temple, erected in 1910. Originally, the building of the synagogue was built for the needs of the Jewish community of the city, and only then it was converted into a temple.

During the Soviet era, the synagogue was closed, and the structure itself was partially destroyed. In the 1990s, the building was returned to the Union of Jewish Communities of Belarus, the process of reconstruction was started. The renovated synagogue was opened in 2005. After reconstruction, a new prayer hall for 150 seats appeared in the building.

Currently, the services of the orthodox Jewish community «Chabad Lubavitch» are held in the synagogue.

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Address Minsk, Kropotkina st. 22 GPS Google: 53.914394′ N, 27.556377′ E