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Minsk Mosque

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Type: Mosques, Pilgrimage places Date of Foundation: 2003 - 2016 yy Status: Without a category Minsk, Griboedova st. 29

The Cathedral Mosque in Minsk was built in 2016 and is a gift to the Belarusian Muslims from the Religious Foundation of Turkey. The solemn opening of the mosque in November 2016 was attended by the President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko and the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan. About $ 7 million was spent on building the building.

The building of the mosque is a 25m x 25m building, which includes a basement, a conference room and rooms for ablution. The dome is crowned with a diameter of 6.5 m and an octagonal minaret with two balconies, 37 m high. The interior of the mosque is faced with marble and granite, and the floors are covered with natural woolen carpets. The motifs of the Seljuk star, used on the windows of the windows and doors of the mosque, are in harmony with the interior of the structure. A large three-level chandelier, typical of Ottoman mosques, is suspended under the dome of the building. Of great interest are calligraphic paintings and Greek motifs on the ceiling of the mosque, covered with real gold.

The cathedral mosque was erected on the site of the destroyed Tatar cemetery, near the place where until 1962 the building of the old Muslim temple was located. The new Minsk mosque can accommodate about 1500 thousand believers.

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Address Minsk, Griboedova st. 29 GPS Google: 53.917374′ N, 27.526144′ E