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Photo - Oktyabrski

The population: 6.6 thousand. Status: Small The year of foundation: 1954 Gomel region, Oktyabrsky district

Location - Oktyabrski

Oktyabrsky is an urban village, the center of the Oktyabrsky district of the Gomel region of Belarus. The village is located on the Neratovka River in 190 km from Gomel. The village has a railway station on the Zhlobin-Rabkor line. It is connected by road to Glusk, Ozarichi, Parichy.

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History of the development - Oktyabrski

It is formed in 1954 as a result of association of villages Karpilovka, Rudobelka and Rudnja.
The village Rudobelka is known from the middle of XV century as grand-ducal possession of Radzivilly, Vishnevetsky, etc.
In the end of XVIII-th century it belonged to landowner D.Lapa who has based here a manor of Karpilovka and in the 1st half of XIX-th century spent here extensive meliorative works. On June, 28th, 1939 Oktyabrsky district with the centre in village Karpilovka was formed. Since 1954 Oktyabrsky has been a part of Gomel region.

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Tourism potential - Oktyabrski

The monument in honor of the hero of the USSR - Tihon Pimenovich Bumazhkov - one of the first organizers of partisan detachments during the Great Patriotic War.

Museum Art gallery named - Leonid Nikanorovich Drobov.

October Center for History and Culture.

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Location map - Oktyabrski

GPS Google: 52.646785′ N, 28.882475′ E