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Photo - Krevo

The population: 650 people Status: Village The year of foundation: XIII век Grodno region, Smorgon district

Location - Krevo

Krevo - urban village in the Smorgon district of the Grodno region of Belarus, situated on the river Krevlyanka in 22 kilometers south of Smorgon and in 100 kilometers northwest of Minsk. In 20 km from the village there is a railway station Smorgon.

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History of the development - Krevo

The first written mention of the settlement Krevo refers to the XIII century. Since then, the name of the settlement was repeatedly recorded in various chronicle, documents and maps. In the second half of the XIII century, the Krevo was attached to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and in the XIV century, it became the capital of Krevo Duchy headed by Algirdas, the son of Gediminas. Here, a stone castle was built, in which Krevo union was signed in 1385, uniting the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Poland.
In 1559 Krevo was endowed with the Magdeburg law.
During the First World War front line was passed near the urban village. In July 21, 1917 during the artillery attack castle walls were completely destroyed.

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Tourism potential - Krevo

The main attraction in the urban village are the ruins of ancient castle, which was built here in the XIII century. In the walls of the castle in the XIV century were important historical events. It is here, in Krevo castle in 1385 was signed Krevo union, an agreement between the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Poland, which is largely determined the future of the historical fate of these countries and the Eastern Europe as a whole. Later the castle became an arena of fighting in many conflicts, many times it was damaged and restored again, many times changed owners. But by the end of XVIII centurу the castle in the village Krevo finally lost its strategic importance, was abandoned and began to deteriorate.
Besides the castle in the urban village has two more attractions: the church of St. Alexander Nevsky, built in 1854, and the Church of the Transfiguration, built here in 1997.

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