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Photo - Naroch

The population: 3.5 thousand. Status: Small The year of foundation: 1964 Minsk region, Myadel district

Location - Naroch

The resort settlement Naroch is located in Myadel district Minsk region on the north-west coast of the largest in the Republic of Belarus lake Naroch. It is a unique region with magnificent nature, favorable climate, mineral water sources, which became the main factor for creation here resort of national importance. The resort settlement Naroch is the only settlement in Belarus that has this status, it is also the administrative center of National park «Narochansky».

The settlement is located approximately 18 km from Myadel, the district center, and 140 km from Minsk, it takes just about an hour and a half to get to this place. 4 km from the resort settlement there is village of the same name Naroch.

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History of the development - Naroch

The resort settlement Naroch was established on October 27, 1964 by the decision of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee on the place of the villages Kupa, Urliki and Stepenyovo, which were considered to be small fishing settlements at the beginning of the 20th century. Lake Naroch was very attractive for the Poles, who owned the region before the start of the Second World War. They built on its shore a marina, as well as several recreation centers. During the Great Patriotic War, all these buildings were destroyed, but in 1946 the authorities were actively studying the region in order to build a balneological resort. At first it was summer houses, summer cottages and tent camps, a guest house «Naroch» was opened in 1964, the most famous children's recreation camp in Belarus - «Zubrenok» in 1969. By the end of the 80s. the only resort zone in the Republic of Belarus with a complex infrastructure was formed here.
National park «Narochansky» was created here on July 28, 1999, its administration is located in the resort settlement Naroch.

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Tourism potential - Naroch

Tourist potential - resort settlement Naroch

The main value of the resort settlement is the magnificent lake Naroch. It is not only the largest natural reservoir in Belarus, but also the center of resort life in the country. Clean water, rich fish resources, picturesque landscapes and sources of mineral water annually attract thousands of tourists from Belarus, Russia, countries of near and far abroad.

A real resort area with a developed and diverse infrastructure has been formed on the shore of Lake Naroch. Its main objects are located in the center of the village, the former Kupa village. The health resort «Naroch», the administration of the national park, modern hotel «Naroch», many shops, bars and restaurants are located here. Not far from the center of the resort settlement, surrounded by forests, high-level health resorts were built - «Priozerny», «Sputnik», «Narochanka». Here, in addition to the modern medical opportunities, guests can enjoy bowling, billiards, discos, several large swimming pools with saunas, and SPA centers.

The main specialization of the resort is the rehabilitation and ecological tourism, that is why there are no major attractions in the village except the park, preserved in the 19th century. Особую значимость имеет Museum of Nature in the National Park «Narochansky» plays an important role. close to the resort settlement you can visit the unique Ethno-cultural complex «Nanosy-Novoselie», St. Andrew's Church and Elia Church in Naroch.
The rapid development of tourist infrastructure, the sphere of recovery and the entertainment industry, environmental protection measures strengthen the popularity of the resort Naroch and the resort settlement Naroch at the national level.

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Location map - Naroch

GPS Google: 54.9095993′ N, 26.7068996′ E