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Photo - Svir

The population: 909 people Status: Village The year of foundation: XIII в. Minsk region, Myadel district

Location - Svir

Svir is an urban village in the Myadel district of the Minsk region of Belarus. Located on the shores of Lake Svir, 45 km west of Myadel, 180 km from Minsk, 26 km from the railway station Lyntupy on the Pabrad-Krulevshchyna line.

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History of the development - Svir

The settlement was founded in the XIII century by Prince Dovmont.
From 1795 as part of the Russian Empire (as a result of the third partition of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth).
Since 1801, the settlement was part of the province of Vilna.
Since 1921 it has been part of the Polish Republic as a small town, the center of the commune of the Svencianski district of the Vilna province.
From November 3, 1939 - a village within the BSSR.
From January 15, 1940 - the center of the Svirsky district of the Vileyka region.
From June 25, 1941 to July 6, 1944 was under the German occupation.
From September 20, 1944 - as part of the Molodechno Region.
From April 25, 1958 - urban village.

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Tourism potential - Svir

Svir Church of St. Nicholas - a monument of architecture of neo-baroque style. The original construction dates back to 1653, at the beginning of the XX century the church was completely rebuilt.
Assumption Old Believers Church. This is a wooden church of the XIX century, standing on the very shore of the lake, which is a wooden blockhouse under a dual slope roof.
Chapel of the XIX century.
Tavern (late XIX — early XX centuries).
Ordinary buildings (XIX — early XX centuries).
Jewish cemetery.
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GPS Google: 54.84824′ N, 26.395405′ E