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Photo - Atolino

The population: 17.4 thousand. Status: Village Minsk region, Minsk district

Location - Atolino

Atolino is a village in the Minsk district of the Minsk region, which is located 10 km from Minsk.

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History of the development - Atolino

In the second half of the XIX century the territory of the modern settlement was in the possession of Count Karl Gutten-Chapsky. In the XX century the village was widely known thanks to the «Atolino» special farm, whose high-quality products went straight to Moscow. At the moment, the largest enterprises of the village are the experimental farm «Voskhod» and RUE «Adamas BSU».

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Tourism potential - Atolino

The peculiar attraction of the village is diamond factory RUE «Adamas BSU», which is Europe's largest specialized enterprise for the production of synthetic diamonds for various purposes.

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Location map - Atolino

GPS Google: 53.782429′ N, 27.431506′ E