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Photo - Luchaj

The population: 280 people Status: Village The year of foundation: 1542 Vitebsk region, Postavy district

Location - Luchaj

Luchaj - a village in the Novoselkovsky village council of the Postavy district of the Vitebsk region of Belarus. The village is located in 7 km south-west of Voropayevo and in 18 km south-east of Postavy. It stands on the northern shore of Lake Luchay. The Pastavy-Dunilovichi motorway passes through the village.

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History of the development - Luchaj

In 1542, Luchay was first mentioned in written sources as an estate of the Zaberezinsky.
After the administrative-territorial reform of 1565-1566, the settlement became part of the Oshmyany poviet of the Vilnius voivodeship.
At the end of the XVI century Luchay received the status of the town. He was a member of the Oshmyany district.
In 1786, the Oginsky sold the estate of Luchay to the family of Count Vankovich.
As a result of the second section of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1793), Luchai became part of the Russian Empire. The town of Luchay became the center of the Vileika district of Minsk province.
In 1842, the Vileyka district became part of the Vilna province.
At the beginning of the ХХ century, the town of Luchay was a center of parish and consisted of 4 rural societies: Luchaysky, Aleshinsky, Skvortsovsky and Starodvorsky.
According to the Riga Peace Treaty (1921), Luchay became part of the interwar Polish Republic, where it became the center of Postavy povet of the Vilna province.
In 1939, Luchay entered the BSSR.

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Tourism potential - Luchaj

The Catholic Church St. Tadeusz - a monument of Baroque architecture with features of classicism.
Plebania, XIX century.
Obelisk in memory of 39 countrymen who died during the Second World War.
Luchayskaya Vezha.
Luchaik Manor.

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GPS Google: 55.089872′ N, 27.118606′ E