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Photo - Murovanka

Location - Murovanka

Murovanka village is a small, but famous over Belarus village in Schuchin district Grodno region. The village is located about 24 km from the district center Schuchin, in 183 km from Minsk. The railway line Lida - Mosty passes through Murovanka, the nearest railway station is Skribovtsy, 2 km from the village.
Near the village Murovanka - the river Lebeda flows.

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History of the development - Murovanka

In historical documents Murovanka is connected with the construction of the church in the early-mid XVI century. Probably, the name of the village Murovanka is associated with the construction of the first stone building here.

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Tourism potential - Murovanka

Murovanka village is famouse for a unique church. Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary or Murovanka is a majestic defensive type temple, which was built in the Gothic style. An outstanding monument of Belarusian architecture with 2-meter walls, circular towers with spiral staircases and loopholes, has a spots of the Swedish cores. Today, it belongs to sights that are listed for inclusion to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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Location map - Murovanka

GPS Google: 53.699082′ N, 24.999905′ E