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Photo - Soligorsk

The population: 106.6 thousand. Status: Large The year of foundation: 1958 Minsk region, Soligorsk district

Location - Soligorsk

Soligorsk is the administrative center of the Soligorsk district, located in the Minsk region. The city is located 120 km from Minsk in the south of Belarus. Located near the Soligorsk reservoir. The city is located at the intersection of roads P23 (Minsk - Mikashevichi) and P55 (Bobruisk - Glusk - Lyuban). Also in Soligorsk there is a railway station line Slutsk - Soligorsk.

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History of the development - Soligorsk

Soligorsk is a young city in the south of the Minsk region. It was created on the basis of a city-forming enterprise in the second half of the 20th century and today has become a modern, developed and well-maintained city. It all began in 1949, when the first batch of potassium salts was extracted from the depths of the land where the city now stands, and earlier there was the Starobinsky District. In 1953, it was decided to build the first potash plant in the BSSR and the city around it.

The first detachments of builders-Komsomol members arrived in 1958. In part, they were engaged in the construction of the plant, while others took up housing. Given the fashion for the names with the end of "-Gorsk", the new city received the modern name - Soligorsk . Originally it was planned to create a small settlement, because the buildings were unsystematic. Within a few years, the first district, the Northern, was built, where there were mostly one- and two-storey buildings. In 1960, the first explosion occurred in the mine - this was how a new team of Belarusian miners was born for the BSSR. Then the first mining combine was launched.

In parallel, the construction of the city’s infrastructure was underway. In 1962 they began to build a hospital complex. The historical zone of Soligorsk was the quarter №23, where, next to the symbolic stone, the city received baptism. Next were open dining rooms, the first department store, the club builders, school. Already in 1961, the first students took the Mining Chemical College , which was later named after Maurice Thorez. And in 1964, the tractor-meliorative stations began building a dam for the Soligorsk reservoir and after three years it was filled with water from the river Sluch.

To date, Soligorsk has formed its architectural appearance, has become a major industrial center. At the beginning of the XXI century, construction of the fifth potash mine began. Belaruskali remains the central enterprise of the city, although such companies as «Kalinka», «Kupalinka», «Mila-Style» and many others have already become famous. The population is growing every year, as well as the standard of living. The young city is developing and attracting many tourists with its small but already interesting heritage.

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Tourism potential - Soligorsk

Soligorsk exists relatively recently, but this does not prevent it from being attractive for tourists. One of the first attractions was the monument in honor of the founding of the city. Initially, a stone with a memorial plaque was installed there, and then a real memorial composition was erected from 10 concrete steles that look like petals and are symbols of prosperity and youth. And yet, given the first association with the city, it is worth a visit. heaps . These are the mountains of salt, which make an indelible impression on everyone who visits them.

The main historical sights, of course, are associated with the city-forming enterprise. For example, in 1977, a monument was erected in honor of Soligorsk miners pioneers . The sculpture rises 5 meters in height and perpetuates the feat of the Belarusian miners. Also worth noting is a monument dedicated to the first oil rig, which is located near the bridge over the Rutka River. In the same place, the mine combine ShBM-2 , which was first lowered into the mine, is installed on a pedestal. Directly linked to salt mines and hospital speleotherapy , which is known not only throughout Belarus, but also abroad. This is a unique health facility, where the treatment is carried out, including underground.

Among other interesting places in the city is worth noting the central square, which is named in honor of V. I. Lenin. It is decorated with the buildings of the Palace of Culture, Belaruskali buildings , here during the holidays the main events and fairs take place. The unusual place was park «Four Elements» . The whole territory is divided into four sectors, which correspond to the main elements: fire, water, land and air. Each alley has something special. For example, on the air alley there are pipes with holes in which the wind plays its music. A windmill was also built there. The water lane attracts with its fountain: four levels, decorative lights create an unusual atmosphere. The alley of fire is equipped with special plates with the help of which you can let bunnies around the park, which creates the illusion of flame. The last alley is dedicated to the earth and is represented by a dance floor with the image of the signs «yin-yang».

Another modern monument in Soligorsk is «The Wandering King» . This is a sculpture of a young author, which represents the image of the king and princess on a horse, who gallops around the world and is looking for his country. Among other sculptures, it is worth noting the monument to the newlyweds «Kiss forever», a monument to miners and a sculpture of a mole miner. There is a monument to soldiers-internationalists in the city - «Black Tulip», which is located near the reservoir.

Of course, Christian temples were also built in Soligorsk. One of the largest is the Holy Protection Church. This building originated here in the XVIII century, having survived a fire, destruction, today this place is actively visited by both residents and visitors. It should be noted that on the basis of this church, the Church and Historical Museum of the Slutsk Diocese was created. Soligorsk is a remarkable city for tourists. Attractive landscapes, unique monuments and developed infrastructure will make the trip to this place unforgettable. You must also add convenient transport links and the opportunity to stay, for example, in a hotel. In any case, you should visit the «salt capital» of Belarus.

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