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Photo - Rubezhevichi

The population: 220 people Status: Village The year of foundation: 1483 Minsk region, Stolbtsy district

Location - Rubezhevichi

The agro-town is located 30 km north-east of the district center, the city of Stolbtsy, and 17 km west of Dzerzhinsk. Nearby is the border with the Dzerzhinsky district. The locality belongs to the Neman basin, along the western outskirts of the agro-town flows river Sula, which separates the Rubezhevichi from the village of New Rubenevich. The Dzerzhinsk - Ivenets highway passes through the village, another road leads from Rubezhevichi to Stolbtsy.

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History of the development - Rubezhevichi

Rubezhevich appeared in the XIII - XIV centuries. This rather large place once belonged to the Slutsk principality.

It is known that in the middle of the XVI century the Lithuanian border from near Brest passed through Minsk, Novogrudok, up to the Dvina and Pskov possessions.
In the XVI century it was the residence of the Radziwills, under whose management Rubezhevichi became a trade and craft center, with a population of about 2 thousand people and regular fairs.
In spite of their ancient origins, Rubezhevichs, however, did not turn into a city.
After the conclusion of the Riga Peace Treaty of 1921, the border dividing Poland from the Soviet Union stretched near Rubezhevichi.
During World War II, the village was occupied from June 1941 to July 1944.

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Tourism potential - Rubezhevichi

Church of saint Joseph. Next to the temple is a fence with a brahma and a wooden building of plebania.
Old bakery and post office buildings (XIX and XX centuries).
Jewish cemetery.
The graves of Polish soldiers of 1920.
Orthodox church of saint Nicholas.
Pharmacy, opened in 1875, during the reign of Emperor Alexander II and which soon received official permission to sell medicinal herbs.

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Location map - Rubezhevichi

GPS Google: 53.689646′ N, 26.862798′ E